Lumi Cel blinds are honeycomb pleated blinds made up of two or more layers joined at the pleats to form ‘cellular’ compartments. Lumi Cel blinds offer one of the highest energy-efficient and sound absorbent blinds of all window blinds due to their cellular construction, great news if you are energy conscious.

As with the Lumi Plissé blinds the Lumi Cel blinds stack high, compressing to just a few inches when open, so they virtually disappear, leaving an unobstructed view to the outside. When closed they offer you full privacy, a great feature if you prefer not to have a window covering at all during the day, but need privacy at night.

Lumi Cel fabrics are available with varying degrees of light filtering shades, providing 100% privacy yet allowing natural light to gently filter through your window whilst insulating very efficiently. Room darkening shades are perfect for rooms such as T.V or media rooms, nurseries and bedrooms.

The Lumi Cel blinds by Luminos are exclusively engineered and powered by Blöcker, a division of Cosiflor based in Germany.