Instant and easy privacy is available with these versatile folding doors. They can be used in a home environment for bathrooms and other areas, especially when space is a challenge. They can also be used at a far larger scale for separating venue or conferencing spaces.

Available in a variety of colours and textures, this hard wearing folding door comes equipped with an aluminium handle that is fully lockable.

  • The “Elvira” PVC folding door is both fashionable and innovative with its unique 3D printed honeycomb structure.
  • New Modern Colours Suitable for almost any room. Luminos offers 5 colours including mahogany, cream and grey linen.
  • The door includes a special connection system between the profiles highlighting the homogeny of its colours, whether it is open or closed.
  • The door is space efficient, easy to install and can be used as a room divider.
  • The door consists of 10 mm thick double wall profiles in high quality PVC and has an easy to clean surface.
  • The plastic wheels ensure easy and quiet operation.
  • The folding door is a fire protection class 1, although flame resistance caution should still be taken for areas near open flames or heaters.
  • It is ideal for bathrooms as it can withstand a lot of moisture.
  • Unique lockable aluminium handle.
  • Maximum width in single stack is 3m and 6m for bi-part.
  • Maximum height is 3m.
  • Reversible (left or right) closing system with handle and ABS closure, rigid (colour coded) joins between profiles.
  • Please note: All heights include runner, slider and “clearance = approx. 1 cm
  • Made in Italy